Cousin To Cousin  
From: Jimmy Seay
Cousin To Cousin
  It was spring break and I couldn’t afford to go anywhere. I ended up deciding to go camping with a cousin. Even the bugs and the snakes would beat staying on campus alone.

Plus, I hadn’t seen my cousin, David, in about a year. We had kind of grown up together until we were around 13, when my parents moved. We were both 19 now. We were both about 5’11”, both about 175. He had straight brown hair; mine was kind of a curly, dirty blonde.

David had always been real popular and outgoing; I was quieter, more of a follower. When we were kids, he was always getting the two of us into something.

David had told me he was bringing everything we needed, sleeping bags, tent, food, so all I had to do was pack some clothes. I left early in the morning; the drive was a couple of hours. The ride was boring, but the radio kept me company.

When I got there, David had the camp all set up. He was stretched out on a sleeping bag, wearing some swim trunks. When had he got that chest hair, I wondered, thinking about my lack of any.

“About time you got here, Ricky, I’d figure you show up after all the work was done.” David teased.

That was him, the same old David, always teasing, always playing. We sat around catching up, for awhile.

“Hey, man, put on some trunks and let’s go for a swim,” David said.

I looked around for a place to change, and grabbed my bag and headed for the large tent David had set up. He followed me in; I begin to slowly strip, feeling kind of uncomfortable. Me and David hadn’t been naked around each other since we were kids.

David kept talking, so I kept stripping. He spotted the tat on the top of my thigh. “Kewl tat”, he said, moving closer. I kind of shielded my cock with one hand as he looked, and quickly pulled on my trunks.

We swam for awhile, horsing around, we raced back and forth. I won every time, but then I was on the swim team at college.

We finally got out, letting the sun dry us off. I guess we fell asleep. I woke up, with a boner. I looked over towards David, he was asleep. I needed a place to take care of the problem between my legs, so I went into the tent. I took off my trunks, got my trusty bottle of Intensive Care, and sank down on a comforter to enjoy some intensive care.

I jacked my dick slow, holding it tight. Every time I would get close to shooting, a noise or something would break my concentration. I started playing with one of my nipples, and stroked faster. I could feel my balls getting tight, the first jolt of cum shot out hard, my whole body convulsed...... I saw flashes of light, as I unloaded my nuts. I forced my head towards the flashes. As the 5th and final spurt erupted, I realized David was taking Polaroid’s of my beat off session.

David was laughing as he took another picture; he tossed the picture towards me and left. I watched the picture develop. It showed me covered in my own cum, my hand around my dick, one of my nipples extended from the play.

Fuck, oh fuck, I quickly threw on my trunks and ran to the shore. I jumped in and washed the cum off me. I kept trying to remember how many times the flash had gone off. How many pictures did my cousin have and what was up with that?

When I got out, I went back towards the tent to dry off. David was waiting on me; I was too embarrassed to look him in the face.

“Well. Guess that was pretty embarrassing for you, huh?” David asked. “But, now, what would really be embarrassing is if someone else saw the pictures I took, now wouldn’t it?”

“Come one man; give me the pictures, ok?” I begged.

“No way! You’re going to have to earn them. You get to be my slave for the week, your pay will be one picture a day.” he answered. “Oh, you can start by fixing supper.”

We didn’t talk much as we ate. I knew he was fucking with me, but I was pissed and ashamed. I knew all guys jacked off, but fuck; they didn’t all get caught pulling their puds. It was private, and very embarrassing.

David got up. As he headed for the tent, he said. “After you get this all cleaned up, I’ll be waiting for my massage.”

As I cleaned up from the food, I was thinking so this is how he wants to play it. I’d go along with his game, what choice did I have? He had the pictures, but I had no idea where he had hid them.

I had never even got a massage, much less gave one. David’s grunts told me what I was doing wrong or right as I worked on his neck, shoulders, and back. I was using the very same lotion that I had beat off with was the funny thing. When I finally thought I was finished, he turned over.

“Now the front.” he said.

He was just wearing swim trunks still, as I worked his chest, I knew he was hard. The big rod wasn’t hid much by the trunks. I felt a little depressed, too bad that hadn’t run in the family. My 6 incher didn’t come close to making a bulge like that.

His chest was done; I started to get up, when he slipped off his trunks. His dick flopped up to his abs. “This too,” he said.

“Come on, you took this far enough,” I said.

“No, I haven’t, those pictures can stay between you and me or......”

I looked at his dick. I didn’t know what to say, much less what to do. His cock was longer than mine, and thicker. The way his chest hair looked, the way his prick looked, I didn’t know what to do. I thought about how most guys fool around sometime in their life. I wondered what it would be like. That’s when I reached out and touched it; I actually touched his big fat boner!

Touching David’s dick wasn’t like holding my own. When I played with my own, I felt the feelings coming from my cock, not actually what my hand was touching. Now my senses were tuned to what his dick felt like, what it looked like, and what it smelt like. I had never realized how soft the skin was on my dick, his felt satiny, sleek, and smooth. I could feel the pulse of his heart as I moved my hand around his hard on. It was big, thick, strong, and covered in wonderful soft skin. I felt the veins, the cum tube, the head, the shaft. I listened to David’s moans and grunts as I explored his cock.

I felt the balls in their wrinkled sack. My own dick was hard as I touched and felt his. I don’t know what made me do it, but I bent my head down and kissed his cock head. He thrust his hips towards me, and I began to kiss his dick and balls all over. His moans were louder, his hips thrusting faster.

“Take it in your mouth,” he said. I did, at that second I became a cock sucker. The taste was strange; his dick was so hard, so fat, and so good. He hissed as I accidentally brushed my teeth against it. I got better as I practiced; I begin to alternate between the dick and the two big nuts. I could actually get about half his prick in my mouth before I gagged. It was leaking precum. The taste was bitter, briny, but it was a turn on. His hands were in my hair as I sucked, and tasted. I worked on him until my jaws hurt. I think he was fighting from cumming; I rested my head against his spit shined rod.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered in a voice I had never heard from him before. His dick throbbed against my face. The very dick he wanted to fuck me with. He wanted to stick this inside of me. He continued to talk as I thought. My thoughts were of this big cock in me. I rolled over as I made my decision.

“You’re gonna let me?” he asked. I just looked at him, his hairy chest, his boner, and nodded my head.

“I never fucked a dude before,” he said. “Fuck, I never fucked an asshole before.”

I was still as I saw him getting the lotion bottle. He climbed between my legs and lubed his cock. He lifted me a little, and I looked down my chest at my own boner, and his, and I waited.

I felt the head of his dick touching my asshole. The next thing I felt was the worst pain in my entire life. I wanted to yell, scream, throw him off me, but I didn’t. Even through the pain, I could feel him entering me. I felt my asshole contour around his cock head; I felt it stretching as the shaft entered me. My own dick stayed hard. He had a lot of his dick in me now, the pain was still incredible.

“You okay?”

“No, it fucking hurts!” I said.

“You want some more lotion?” he asked.

“No, don’t pull out; I don’t think I would let you try again.” I said truthfully. “Just fuck me, and get it over with.”

“Hey, that’s what I am here for, Rick.”

More of the big dick entered me. Here I was, feeling like I was dying, my own cousin’s cock up my ass, and I still had a boner. He had a evil look on his face, he was moving his hips so that his dick was going in circles somewhere deep in my guts. I held my dick as he slowly moved around in me. I just kind of held my dick, and watched his body and face. He begin to move out, I could feel the shape of his dick as he contorted my guts.

“This is fucking great, Rick.”

The fucking went on, the pain was still there, but my cock was turned on by it. I knew I loved it. This big dicked cousin was giving me the best sex I ever had. His body was moving pretty fast. I wanted it to move faster, so I started moving towards him as he fucked me.

“I’m gonna pull out when I cum.” he said in the most sexy voice I had ever heard.

I managed to shake my head no. “Inside me,” I grunted.

“You sure?”

I nodded a yes now. I watched my own dick begin to shoot. Each burst of my cum seemed to cause more pain. I realized it was because my asshole was tightening as the cum spurted. I wanted to feel his dick cum inside me, but I didn’t. I could tell he was shooting off but he had stretched me a lot now. But I knew his seed was in me. He was breathing hard and smiling. He started to try and get out of me, but I reached and held him in me, pulled him down against me tight. I held onto him and begin to rub my still hard dick against his furry belly.

And I came again!

“Oh, fucking dude!” I still held him, ready for more.
The End