Straight Up - The Cowboy  
From: Jimmy Seay
Straight Up - The Cowboy
  I like em straight, ain’t nothing like sex with a hot straight boy! As I looked around the country and western bar, I knew I was gonna get some action. I hadn’t had me a cowboy in months.

There was a lot to choose from, a bunch of hot studs in tight wranglers. It was like a kid in a candy store, too many choices! Finally, I saw him, yeah, that’s the one, my dick told me.

He was off to the side, by himself, standing at the bar, sipping a drink. He was tall, maybe 6 foot. Starched western shirt was filled by broad shoulders and a strong chest. Slim hips and a firm ass encased by starched wranglers. I could see the fly of the jeans stretching to cover what looked like a nice promising package. His brown hair clipped short under the black Stetson, his face shaved smooth, tanned from days in the sun. I figure him to be about 24, maybe 25.

Younger than I normally go for, but this stud had would made my juices flow. This was definitely the man for me tonight. I hovered nearby, just watching; trying to see what was up with cowboy dude.

I’ve been doing this for years, and I always end up with my man. Sure, I ain’t the first to catch a straight boy, and won’t be the last. I just kind of got my own way of doing it. Any one can drug a drink, and lure an unsuspecting straight to being de-virginized.

I don’t use drugs, I don’t need them. I just play a buddy buddy game, get my choice off all by himself, then I take what I want. No drugs, no weapons, that’s not my thing. It’s me against him, one on one.

Its part of the thrill, making a dude have sex unwillingly. This cowboy was gonna be a tough one, he looked like he could punch and take a punch. I like that in a man. You gotta respect that. I can tell a man that can defend themselves, it shows, it’s like their body emits a signal, saying don’t fuck with me, or else.

I’ve met men like this cowboy many times. Hell, I don’t even know how many times, anymore. It’s a challenge, and it’s my way of life. I just turned 35. I’m 6 foot 2, and rock solid. It’s all real muscle; I ain’t some pumped up body builder. Its muscle from that no fancy gym can give, its hard working, ass kicking man muscle.

I know what gaydar is, I even have it. But it don’t work on me. The few times I’ve bothered walking in a gay bar, I’ve been told things like ‘sir, this is a gay club.’ I ain’t a closet case; I ain’t ashamed of what I like. I just prefer ‘em straight. Right now, this straight cowboy was making it hard for me not to get hard. Yeah, he’s the one for me tonight. It was time for him to meet me, to meet his worse nightmare. I slowly moved up towards the bar, standing beside him. I was close enough to smell the cheap cologne he wore. I breathed in a mixture of Old Spice and Speed Stick. It was a good scent, a county man’s clean aroma. He didn’t feel me approach, he seemed lost in thought.

I ordered a Jack Daniel’s. My dick begin growing, being this close to the cow stud. He glanced at me for a second, and reached for the drink in front of him. I took in the roughness of his hands, a working man’s hands. My dick got harder.

He tossed down his drink, and ordered another one. The bar maid spoke to him, she said, “And where’s Cheryl tonight?”

His voice was deep, but young sounding, a slight drawl, “She’s being a bitch.”

The bar maid smiled, “Well, handsome, don’t worry about it! That girl is crazy bout you!”

He grinned and I heard his voice again, it sounded even sexier, “Aww, she’ll get over it.”

His grin made his eyes sparkle, it made his face light up, and it made my dick throb. Yeah, this was the man for me! This one had me real hot! Now, to start my game.

“Hell, my woman’s bitching tonight, too!” I said to the cowboy. I grinned this time, “But she’s always bitching!”

We exchanged comments about my pretend woman and his real one. We both played the masculine game of how it didn’t matter. He drank slow, the way a man that respects liquor drinks. The same way I drink.

We talked, and I learned. I knew last call was nearing. It was time to set the trap, see if he took the bait. We were on first name basis now, even his name turned me on.

“Gil,” I said, slurring. “I’m gonna show her, I ain’t going home tonight!”

“You okay, bud?” he looked at me with concern.

“I guess I’m drunk,” I answered with a slight grin. “But, I’m gonna find me a motel, sleep it off, and teach her a lesson!”

Gil bought the lie, it got even better. “No need for that, Joe, no need for that. Cheryl is off at her mama’s; you can sleep on our coach, if you wanna.” He said it like a friend says to a friend. I was in!

“Naw,” I said. “I don’t know if I can drive, I better find a place close by.”

He grinned real big this time. “Close by? Hell, Joe, I’m so close, I walked.” He stared down at the bar, and added, “I had to walk, Cheryl took the truck.”

Could it get easier then this? The bar was out in the sticks, but I remembered a few houses along the way.

“I sure don’t wanna be a bother,” I said, slurring again.

“No, bother, you can crash on the sofa,” Gil said.

I said, “Well, thanks! I’m gonna take you up on that!”

We walked out of the bar as last call sounded. I followed Gil up the side of the road, watching the way his ass moved in the tight wranglers. True to his word, he lived real close, less than a city block. We walked up the steps of an ancient mobile home as he fished a key out of his tight Wranglers.

Watching his ass on the short walk had made me throw one hell of a rod! As he opened the door, I pretended to fall against him in a drunken stupor. He hit the floor, with me falling on top of him.

“Wow, Joe!” he said, laughing. “You had a few too many!”

I wasn’t about too waste time, I grabbed him, and humped against his denim covered cowboy butt, I whispered, “No, but you’re gonna wish you had!”

I slammed a fist into his side, not enough to do damage, but enough to weaken him a bit. I jumped off him, took a fighting stance, and landed a right into his flat stomach. My fist thudded as it hit hard muscle. A left to his chest was next.

Gil went into automatic; his fist flew towards my face. I ducked an got three more blows to his torso, winding him. The cowboy attacked again, He was good, I felt it when his fist made contact.

Country men are healthy and strong. They just don’t really know how to street fight. Gil had power, but he didn’t have my experience. It took me over 10 minutes to punch his lights out. I was gonna have a few bruises in the morning, for sure. Bruises don’t matter, they go away.

I caught my breath, looking down at the straight man laying unconscious in his own living room. Yeap, in the morning, a few bruises, tonight I had a straight man to use and abuse. But, he wouldn’t be out long. I wasn’t in the mood to fight him again.

First things first. I pulled out my pocket knife, and cut the cord off a lamp we had smashed in the fight. Cheap, ugly lamp, he would catch hell from Cheryl on that, I bet! I tied his wrist behind his back, using the lamp cord.

His legs looked real powerful, thick thighs, strong calves..... I pulled off his big western belt. I wrapped it around his ankles, tight. I notched a new hole in the belt to keep him from getting free.

Now, came the fun part! My straight cowboy needed to be awake for this! I walked into the small kitchen, and got a glass of water. I looked down at my knocked out cow stud. I threw the glass of water in his face, and reached down, gently slapping him.

He came too; recognition filled his eyes as he glared at me. His voice was low, the drawl as sexy as ever, “Take what you want and get the hell out!”

I smiled, kneeling beside him. I grabbed the fly of his wranglers, and groped him. “I plan on it, Gil!”

His tan face flushed with blood as he felt my hand feeling him up. He had showed no fear when we fought, but it was in his eyes now. “I got some money,” he said.

“Well, I got some money too, cowboy, but right now I got your privates in my hand.” I gave a little squeeze to remind him the precious package my hand was covering.

“I ain’t that way,” Gil said, “You need to just clear out of here!”

“I will, Gil, only afterwards. After a couple of hours of sex with you, I swear you’ll never see me again!” I massaged his bulge as I spoke.

Gil’s eyes were locked on mine. I saw wisdom in his eyes. I saw his body get even more taunt as he tested his bounds. But, I didn’t see defeat. I saw disgust and hatred. Oh, this was gonna be fun!

“Well,” he drawled. “I see it like this. You’re a fucking queer, ain’t you?”

“Well, Gil, right now, I’m a fucking queer. Queer for you.” I answered.

“Bud, I ain’t like that. I don’t feel that way, not at all. There’s lot of men that may, but not this old boy!” he said, sounding even sexier then ever.

I ran my fingers through his short hair, “That’s what make it good, Gil. That’s why we are having sex, because you don’t like it!”

I took my pocket knife, and begin to slice his shirt off. It was time to see this cowboy’s chest!

Gil was silent, his eyes still boring into me. I asked, “Is this your best shirt?”

He nodded and said, “You can ruin my shirt, but you can’t ruin me.”

His voice was real low, almost a whisper. “You are gonna do what you want, but I won’t be a part of it. You may as well go pull your pud!”

“You don’t even know, cowboy, you don’t even know!” I was finished cutting his shirt off. I stared at the chest before me. Tanned, lightly covered in sun bleached hair. Toned with the muscle of working. Small nipples, slightly darker then the skin, small man nips.........

My mouth watered as I took in the chest. The nips drew my attention, I just knew they were nipples that had never been chewed on, small, perfect, and as sexy as the straight man they were attached to.

I ran the blade of my pocket knife over each nipple. Gil just stared at me, not responding, refusing to even flinch as the cold blade touched his fine chest. I could have pulled my dick out right then and came on that chest! But, there were more treasures to see! I took my knife and begin to saw at the tough denim waist band. I knew once I got through that, cutting off his wranglers would be pretty easy. Gil remained motionless, staring at me, no response at all. As I sliced off his jeans, I found that Gil was going commando, it was a slight disappointment, but not much of one. I cut the sides of his wranglers, and left the denim covering him for now.

“You’re ruining my best clothes, you son of a bitch!” Gil finally talked again. “You’re sick, you ain’t gonna ruin me, why don’t you just leave!”

“What kind of drawers do you wear, Gil?” I asked.

Gil was real mad, and he got smart, “I wear your dad’s drawers, fag!”

I bent down on top of him; I held my mouth real close to his. I looked him in the eyes; I looked at his hate and disgust. I spoke, “You wear my dad’s drawers, huh? You think something you say is gonna bother me, right? I am kind of bothered, hot and bothered, cowboy!” I placed my lips on his closed pair of lips. I kissed and licked. I moved my mouth down to his straight Adam’s apple. I left one hell of a hickey there!

I got up, and begin to strip. I ain’t over hung, not like some guys I have raped, but I got a thick, long dick... it’s almost 8 inches, but the head is over sized. It’s a cherry buster! I stripped naked as Gil watched. My dick was too hard!

He was still covered by the wranglers I had split. I wasn’t ready to see his dick yet, I knew it wasn’t as big as mine, but I was ready for him to see my piece, more then ready! I wanted my straight cowboy to show some fear, some respect.

I stood over him, my legs spread over his hot chest. “This is man meat, cowboy.” I told him. Some pre-lube was leaking from my cock; it was slowly oozing down towards the cowboy’s straight chest. I stood over him, watching my goo stretch towards him.

Gil lost it, “Get the fuck away from me!” he screamed.

I sat my naked ass down on his tight stomach. I took my dick in my hand and began to smear m lube juice on his sexy, straight chest. He kind of lost it, his head tossed back and forth as he screamed at me, “Get your faggy ass away from me! I will fucking kill you!”

I grinned as I rubbed dick lube onto his little man nips. I looked him in his eyes now, “I’m gonna cum on your chest and face first!”

“I will kill, fucking kill, get your ass off me!” Gil meant it.

I opened my mouth and let some spit out, it coated my dick, and some fell on Gil’s perfect chest. I started beating off, sitting on his straight eight, muscled ab’s and beating my dick. “I’m gonna shoot my load on your chest and body, cowboy, then I’m gonna suck the cum out of your dick!”

I stroked my big cock, thinking how he hated it. As I jacked off, I touched my cock to his chest, leaking man juice on his straight, chest. “You’re a fine, straight man, I love this!”

His jaw was thrust out; he was ready to fight again. I looked at his straight face, he was all tied up, I was ready to nut! I rubbed my dick all over his little tits, then I felt my nuts drawing up...........

“I’m gonna cum, “I was way into this one. My fuck sack cream started spraying; I aimed it on his face, his straight ass face, I nutted on his chest, I nutted over 9 sprays on his hot body.

Now, it was time to uncover his package, he may not like me nutting on him, but straight dicks always like a good sucking. I liked to drain my straight boys dry, you know, before I pop their cherry................

My naked ass still rested on his stomach, he was cussing up a storm! I caught my breath while he lost his cussing. I sat on him, half listening, half just enjoying watching my fuck juice dry on him. He was fucking sexy!

He may be a country hick, but he was smart. He shut up; he knew I was getting into his threats, his country cussing, his voice.............

“You finished cussing, pudding?” I asked, grinning at him.

He wasn’t. “I will kill you fag!” he said, his voice making me feel rested enough. Enough was enough! I knew how to close that mouth! I laughed, “You’re even sexier when your mad, pudding! Give daddy a kiss!”

I bent my face towards his, licking my lips to make them wet with my spit, spit he didn’t want near him. I touched my lips to his, his head twisted violently; I held it in place and ran my tongue over lips no other male had tasted!

Gil’s lips were pressed together, another attempt to keep the inevitable from occurring, no such luck for the cowboy. I sucked at his lips anyway, making sure to leave them coated with my spit!

Images of those little man tits ran through my mind as I worked my way down his neck, leaving a trail of hickeys for him to explain to his run away bride. Gil would have some explaining to do when the missing wife returned..... I sincerely doubt he’s gonna tell her he was raped by another man! Hell, to be honest, I don’t even think he will be admitting it to himself!

His neck tasted good, the Old Spice was faint. My mouth landed on his Adam’s apple, I pressed my tongue in, feeling him gulp. Men like the one now in my control, think they know their weak spots. Gil probably thought his bobbing Adam’s apple and his nuts were the danger areas for him, Gil didn’t have a clue!

I know the sensitive area’s of men, I know them well. Real straight men spend most of their sex life trying to impress baby dropping cunts to achieve what amounts to 5 minutes of pleasure. They think with their dicks! Their thoughts are if I get the babe hot, I can stick my straight cock in her, fuck a few minutes, and get a nut.

Most straights think their whole sex drive is the piece of meat swinging between their legs! I pride myself on taking the time to teach these pussy lickers what sex really is! Sex is pain and pleasure, not much difference between the two when it involves getting your rocks off! Sex is meant to be wild and satisfying; it ain’t supposed to be a routine performance!

Straight men get into that routine all the time. They just want to nut and go to sleep. My cow stud ain’t gonna be sleeping tonight, I bet ya!

I was making my way down to his chest; I could feel his heart beating fast. I know he was far from turned on; I didn’t want him to be. I wanted him to hate this, and hate me. Most of all, I wanted him to learn sex ain’t what he thought it was.

The hair on his chest was coarse and rough like a man’s body hair is supposed to be. My tongue traced and retraced the indenture that divided his pecs. I ran my tongue gently and lightly, kind of the way he would do it for his wife. I wanted him to realize how helpless he was, how defenseless.........

I let my tongue wander up and down between that cowboy’s pecs for over 10 minutes, just real tender like. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t make a sound, his only motion was his heart beats.

I raised my head up, and looked him in the eyes. “You don’t like this, do ya, pudding?”

“Fuck you!” he spit out, and I do mean spit out, the sexy fucker spit right in my face!

A lot of tops that were raping a straight dude would have slapped Gil for that. Right? Not me! They expect to get slapped or have a fist slammed in their face, don’t ever give them what they expect.

Me, ya know what I did? I ran my fingers and collected cow stud’s spit. I stuck my fingers in my mouth, tasting his saliva. “Aww, pudding, your spit’s sweeter than you are!” I smiled. “Ya taste good, babe.”

I kept the smile on my face as Gil went into a rage calling me every kind of faggot he could, tossing, turning, and making me want him more than ever!

I let him have his fit of rage, then I said, “Pudding? Spit on daddy again, please?”

Gil’s jaw locked, his eyes burnt into mine, his anger flashing, but he was still now, knowing he had done exactly what I wanted him to do. To him, spit was a disgusting thing to disrespect another male.... to me; it was tasting him, tasting something his body had produced.

Some tops wouldn’t play like this; they’d stick their cocks in the straight man’s ass, get a nut, and leave. That’s too easy, that’s the same thing a straight man likes to do with women. I ain’t like that; I like the game, the conquest....... I like to take my time and enjoy...........

“I like your little titties, pudding! They look real sweet! But, they look kind of lonely, like left out. I bet your tit’s need attention, pudding! Daddy’s gonna make them feel real important!” I stared him down as I spoke.

Gil yelled, “Get this fucking shit over with, fag! Just fucking get.........” I heard his hiss as my mouth connected with his left nipple.

I had to press my face hard against his thick pec to get my teeth around the small nubbin, but I succeeded! I could hear the pain in his screams as I chewed the tiny nipple, He was screaming in pain now, not anger. He was making my dick drip all over him, I was leaking like a first timer!

I flattened out, and laid my face into that man pec and bit, sucked, and licked. He was starting to sweat from the pain, maybe the pleasure, who knows? I worked that left tit over and over. His body was tense, and shaking when I finally let up.

“Your sweat smells good, pudding, ahhhhhh; it makes me all hot for ya!” I smiled at him.

Gil knew now, he knew for sure I meant business. “Just get it done with,” he said in the same drawl he had used at the bar. “You win, just get it done with.”

“Pudding, your making me real turned on, your voice is so sweet. Did you like Daddy making love to your nipple? You want Daddy’s hot mouth on the other one?” I said.

Gil lost it, straight men, for some reason, don’t wanna be victims. His voice got deeper, the drawl more pronounced, “I’m gonna castrate you one day, faggot!”

I smiled at him, “Aww, pudding, if you do that, Daddy can’t give you what you need!”

Gil’s drawl got worse as he cussed, “You are sick, fucking sick! Find one of your own fucking kind, you sick fucking homo fag! I’m gonna get you one day, bitch! I’m gonna slice and dice you, faggot queer!”

I smiled at my cow stud, “Pudding, you are so special! I’m gonna look at you clittie now! Do you want Daddy to lick your little clit thing?”

Gil got madder then ever, his voice was choked, “You fucking sick fag! You need to fuck off, you ain’t getting shit here, I’m a man, not some son of a bitching molesting fag!”

I don’t get mad, least not after I got them tied up, “Pudding?” I asked. “Are you saying you ain’t cherry? You saying Daddy is with a pudding pie that done been popped?”

Gil spit on me again, he cussed even worse then before. I once again tasted his spit, and I said “It’s okay pudding, I still want you!” I planted my mouth on his navel and licked inside it, and then used my beard stubble to graze across the stud’s sensitive belly skin.

Gil’s body and face reacted; he turned all kinds of shades before he got back into control of his own body. “Man, Joe, get it in your head, I am straight! I don’t want to be around you!”

“I know, pudding, I know” I said. I removed the destroyed wranglers that still covered the cowboy cock. I was silent as I looked at one of the prettiest dicks I have ever scene! Soft, it was around 3 inches, a healthy pink shade; the shaft was the same size from the base to the skin covered head. An extra long foreskin covered what I knew would be a mushroom shape tip. I took a deep breath, just taking in the sight with my eyes.

I could feel Gil’s eyes burning into me as I stared at his meat. The treasure trail from his stomach widened, brown hair formed a nest for the uncut meat. Yeah, I’ve been around uncut cock before, bigger and smaller then Gil’s, but I had never seen skin that long.

Gil drawled, “Faggot, you really are into dick, you are sick! A man’s supposed to hunt cunt, not cock!”

I broke eye contact with the cow stud’s dick, and smiled at him. “I am a cunt hunter, why just tonight, I found me some cowboy cunt. Yeah, I’m into cock, stud, but before this is over it’s gonna be my cock into you! But first things first, have you ever heard of docking, Gil?”

Gil snarled, “I ain’t a fag, man, I don’t know your faggot words!”

“Docking is one you’re about to learn, cowboy. Docking is when I stick my cock into your dick skin. I will pull your skin over my cock! Get it? Our dicks will be covered by your long foreskin. You got a beautiful skin, dude, you’re lucky. I don’t have foreskin, so we’re gonna share yours! Problem is, I got a bigger dick then you, I got a man size dick, yours? Well, we see yours, it don’t quite measure up. So, I’m gonna have to stretch your foreskin to get my dick in it. I promise, it won’t hurt.... me.....” I saw the cowboy comprehend.

“Fuck you!” was all he said. Straight men have no imagination when it comes to words. I wanted Gil to see what was about to cause him a dick head ache. I sat on his thighs, my big cock pointing at him. I placed his dick head to mine, and begin to pull the long foreskin open. Sweat started pouring off him again; his face reflected the pain he was feeling. I worked the head of my dick into his skin tube, I pulled the skin upwards, it was tight, so soft.

“Shit!” he yelled. “Stop!”

His skin had stretched over my fatter prick; I stared at the two joined organs. Lube leaked from me, and moistened his cock. I jerked his skin around on the two inches of my dick that was now inside it!

“Stop, you fag! Get it out of me!” Gil yelled.

I laughed, “I’ve heard those words before, trust me, you’ll really be saying that when I dick you up your ass!”

“You sick fucker!” Gil said, in torment.

I let me dick juice build up inside his skin. I like the taste of myself, and would soon be sucking it out of the dick flesh. I stroked his skin up and down, watching it stretch to take my larger girth.

“Hey?” I murmured. “I wonder if your foreskin will shrink back again? What do you think?”

Gil said nothing this time, well, if you think about his dialogue, he had said nothing the whole time. But, I was bored with the docking, he had started tolerating the pain, it wasn’t as much fun now.

I pulled my dick out of the pain filled cowboy’s foreskin. I looked down at my sweaty victim and asked, “Gil, have you ever had a real good blow job?”

“Yeah, from bitches, not from dick sucking fags!” he answered.

“Oh,” I smiled. “Then the answer is no, you’ve never had a real good blow job. See, women can’t know how a dick feels, not having one..... It takes another man to know how to blow. You got a real sexy mouth; you could be a great cock sucker. I’ve been told, I’m excellent at dick sucking. You can decide for yourself. I’m about to suck you dry!”

Gil said, “No way I’m getting hard for a faggot!”

I wondered why I even bothered with straights, every time I raped one; it was the same old talk. They think they’re so masculine there dicks won’t get hard for another guys mouth. Whatever!

I’m a top when it comes to fucking, but I really am a talented dick licker. Now, cowboy here, had some nice nuts. Nuts are a great place to start when your blowing a dick. I decided to save the pretty, uncut cock for last, and work the nuts first.

Good nut sucking is an art. You don’t just suck them in; you have to take it step by step. When a man’s naked, his nuts are cooler and are close to his body. Not as close as when he’s about to fire a nut, but close. First, you gotta warm the things up; get them and their man sack pliable. I rubbed my hands against my thighs, using friction to get them warm. While I was warming up my hands, I told Gil what hot looking nuts he had.

I had my hands warmed up, and I gently took the sack, and held it, letting the heat flow from my palms, all the time telling him what wonderful nuts he had, using convincing words. I begin to work them, real careful, not wanting them to be hurt. I was just getting the sack to warm up and stretch, and getting the nuts to drop lower. I told him how big they were, how hairy they were, yeah, mind games.

I rubbed my beard stubble against them, sniffing, just all gentle like. I planted kisses on each of those cowboy orbs. I sucked one in my mouth, acting like it was real huge. I faked it, and pretended it was all most impossible to get both of them in my mouth at the same time.

Of course, both the cow stud’s nuts fit in my mouth with ease. I sucked, licked, and used my lips to create a warm pulsing place for his nuts to rest. I gently grazed my teeth against the thick fuck sack skin.

Gil was squirming, it wasn’t from pain now, I knew he was fighting from getting an erection. I did this trick I have, when you got your mouth stuffed with nuts, try and swallow. It creates this vacuum pressure and feels awesome. Gil squirmed harder. He was still soft, but I gave his nuts a good mouth bath, I knew he would loose when I sucked his perfect prick.

I pulled off his nuts, and said, “I’m sorry man, there just too big, I can’t suck them much more.” Lies are fun!

I took his dick in my hand, and stuck out my tongue. “No!” he said.

I stuck my tongue in the recently abused foreskin and licked my own fuck lube out of it. My tongue trailed across the stud’s dick head, in his skin.

“No!” he yelled again. His dick was defying him and erecting from my mouth and tongues actions. My cowboy was getting a boner! A man can’t really control his cock, not when a mouth is making it feel good.

I’ve gave forced head to some straight men that can stay soft over 5 minutes, this cowboy couldn’t. I worked the skin and head over, using my tongue, my lips, and my Hoover vacuum technique. The man lost the battle in seconds.

I worked my mouth down his shaft. Hey, his erection was a little over 6 inches, but you gotta fake them out! You gotta pretend it’s a real big dick and make them feel important! I faked a few gag’s before I deeped sixed him. My tongue swirling, my lips pulsing, and my throat doing my attempted swallowing had the cowboy nutting in under three minutes.

I licked my lips while looking Gil right in the face. “You got some sweet cream in those nuts, pudding, I gotta have me some more.”

Gil’s eyes had real fear in them now. Who knows? Was it because my mouth had got him hard? Was it because he probably just gotten the best blow job of his life? Or, was it the fear that I was about to repeat the process?

Gil spoke, his drawl was soft and quiet, “Please don’t!” he asked.

“I gotta, Gil, I’m one of those dick sucking fags, remember? It’s part of my job to suck sweet nut cream like yours. I’m gonna drain you dry, pudding!” I looked at him real serious, hiding my laughter.

Gil was still gasping from nutting in my mouth. I had the residue of his load I had just swallowed and bent down to kiss him, to share his man taste with him. Of course, he was trying to resist my kiss, but I held his handsome head still and kissed him anyway.

“Do you taste how sweet your cum is, Gil? It’s real good; I gotta have some more of that!” I said. “But, I don’t guess you and Cheryl have sex in this living room, huh? We need to move you to your bed, so you can enjoy me sucking your straight dick, like you enjoy fucking Cheryl, huh?”

Gil was a full grown man, but I lifted his naked body up, and carried him to the back bed room. It was their bed, Gil’s and Cheryl’s. The straight cowboy was about to get his dick forced sucked in the bed he normally shared with his wife. This was good.

A lot of straight men are funny about nutting. Their dicks get all sensitive or something. Me? I can nut three times in a row; it just gets better and takes longer. Did I say, to me, each nut is better then the previous? Now, straight men, they nut once and act like it’s all their balls can do, they wanna rest and go to sleep and shit. My straight cowboy needed to be drained, I like to drain them before I fuck them, it just makes it more intense, ya know?

I laid him on the bed, and studied his body once again. The straight fucker was hot; he could have been a porn star. Well, in a way, he was gonna be, but just for me.

“Gil, I gotta have some more of your cream, pudding! It’s the best ever!” I smiled.

Gil said, “Keep your dick sucking mouth away from me!”

Hey, so I suck dick, whassup? This arrogant fucker needed to learn, though. “Pudding, either I suck your dick again, or I just fuck you a few times.” I slapped his face, back handed. “Now, you choose, one or the other. Just remember how it hurt you when I stuck my big cock up your dick skin, think about it, do you want something like that up your ass? Now, you tell me real nice like what your decision is.”

Gil was straight to the core. “Fuck you!” he said, one time to many.

My fist is big, and I can power punch. I aimed at his solar plexus; I punched 5 times as hard as I could. He was coughing and sputtering when I asked again, “Do you want me to suck you or fuck you up your hot cowboy ass?”

“Suck me” he said between coughs. I was gonna suck him no matter what he said, you got to drain these straight studs before you dick their butts, and teach them how it is to get fucked up their masculine straight asses.

I put my wonder mouth back to work on the cowboy cock, it took a few minutes, he was panting and moaning like it was hurting. I got him back hard, and I got another nut from him.

I saved some of his nut seed in my mouth and let it slowly fall from my mouth to his closed lips. I took my finger and rubbed his cum into his tightly closed lips.

I told him, “That was even sweeter tasting then your first load, man, cowboy cum is the best! I’m gonna have to suck your dick again, your nuts make the best tasting cum in the fucking world!”

Gil tossed and turned as my mouth got under his foreskin again. I never can really understand straight guys. Me, I like to nut and nut and nut. I think it’s the way their brought up, they think one nut is supposed to last all day, not me!

I got the cowboy to cum one more time, it was weaker, and I really have decided gay cum taste better. Straight men just can’t get the balls to work hard enough or something. Gil was a wreck; his body hair was matted down with man sweat. His lips were trembling. He was totally drained. I went and got a towel, and wiped the sweet sweat from his body.

After I had gently toweled his cum drained straight body down, I smiled, “Now your ready to get butt fucked!”

Gil managed to shake his head no. “No,” he said with a husky sound.

“Pudding, you ain’t got a choice. You’re getting fucked, you’re gonna take my dick up your tight, straight, cowboy ass! Hey, but I’m in a good mood, so I tell you what. Before I fuck you, I think I’m gonna teach you what rimming is.” I stood with my dick pointing at him, making sure he saw it.

“Now, pudding, would your rather get fucked or learn about rimming next?” I asked.

The dejected cowboy answered in a whisper, “Rimming, I guess.”

“Good, good!” I smiled. “That buys you some time. Your ass hole will remain cherry a few minutes longer. Oh, I’m still gonna pop it, I’m gonna give you a righteous fucking, but if you do a fair job at rimming me, I’ll do the same for you.”

Gil’s looked confused, “What’s rimming?”

I pretend to ponder, and then said, “Well, it’s kind of like eating pussy. Only we are men, right, and we don’t have cunts, now do we?”

The confused look left Gil’s face as he put two and two together, “No fucking way, that is nasty!” Gil said, this time the defiance was back in his sexy voice.

“Well, then, that leaves you just getting dry fucked. Now, if you had rimmed me real good, I was gonna rim you and get you all wet and ready, but, it was your choice.” I stated. “I just have to fuck you, you know that, right? I’ve just got to rape your cute cowboy ass. But my dick is kind of big for a first timer like you, so I’ll look around and see if I can find something to use to stretch out your ass cunt before I dick it. “

I left the room; I could hear Gil struggling to get free again. For some reason, that stud just didn’t seem to want to take an ass fucking. These straight dudes, I tell you, they wanna fuck cunt, but never seem to want anyone to fuck theirs! I dug around in the kitchen. I didn’t find any cucumbers, but there was a couple of carrots. I looked at the skinny carrot, and then looked at my fat cock. At least, after I carrot fucked him, he’d still be tight.

Now, I wanted to bitch fuck this cocky cow stud. I wanted them strong, hairy legs up in the air, so I could climb between them and see Gil’s happy face as I fucked his manhood away. I prowled around some more, and found some good heavy rope, the kind cowboys use for lassoes. Cool, just what I needed!

Now, as of yet, I haven’t seen Gil’s fuck hole, but I had to be careful about this. The hunk had some strong legs, so I would have to do this where he couldn’t kick me. I went back to the bedroom, and laid the cold, just out of the refrigerator, carrots on his chest.

“Now, pudding, you get them carrots warm, before I when I shove em up your cunt, they don’t give you a chill. Okay, pudding?” I asked.

Of course, Gil answered with another, “Fuck you!”

The belt was still tightly holding his ankles together. I managed to get the rope around his left ankle, and make a secure knot. I tied the other end of the rope to the headboard and pulled up; both of his legs went up in the air. I could see a promising hairy crack. I tied off his other leg, making sure it was secured to the headboard.

I removed the belt that bound his ankles together. He tested the rope at once. He wasn’t going anywhere. I spread his legs apart, and looked down. His emptied nuts had dropped and were covering his pucker. His uncut cowboy cock rested in it’s nest of hair.

He took in a deep breath as I lifted up his nuts. His ass ring was surrounded by hair, it was as small and pretty as I had hoped for.

“Oh, yeah, pudding, that’s a pretty fuck hole! My big ole cock will love being up in that! You remember how big my cock is, right? I mean you been staring at it, you probably know it’s size as well as I do!” I laughed.

You know it, Gil yelled, “Fuck you, fag!” the same old shit.

I sighed, “Now, pudding, first I’m gonna dry fuck you with these carrots. Now, remember, my dick’s a lot bigger around then these veggie’s. I really figured, you could rim me, then I could rim you, and get you more ready for something man sized like my cock, but you didn’t wanna. Now, while I’m stuffing your cunt with carrots, if you change your mind, you can ask real nice for me to sit in your face, okay?”

Gil didn’t even bother with the ‘fuck you’ this time. He just looked at me with pure hate. He tensed his muscles and once again pulled at his bonds. He grunted with effort as he tried to break free. I half hoped he would, just so I could kick his straight ass. The rope held.

I took one of the carrots, still nice and cold, and rubbed it’s smaller end against the hairy ass hole. “This will cool your hot cunt down, pudding!” I said as I shoved about two inches of it in to my man.

Gil screamed out, “Arrghhhhhhhhhh” his face showed pain. “You faggot bastard!”

I added a few more inches. I smiled right in his face, “Just think what my cock is gonna do! You ready for the other carrot to go in your cunt along side this one? Or, you ready to eat my ass?”

I fucked the one carrot in and out as Gil screamed, “Your ass! Your ass, get it out of me!”

“You sure, pudding?” I asked still shoving the skinny carrot in and out of the straight fuck hole.

“Yes, fuck, yes..........” Gil yelled, his voice even sexier as it expressed his pain.

“Well, ask me real nice, ya know? Fucking beg! You fucking cow bitch! Beg to eat my ass, or I swear you will be screaming louder!” I was tired of the cowboy not participating in our night of sex. I fucked the carrot deep in and out of the cow stud fuck hole.

“I will, I promise, please!” he screamed.

“Please what, cunt?” I was tired of playing.

“Please let me rim you, please stop!” he yelled.

When I hear the right words from a straight man, my mood swings fast, “Okay!” I smiled, yanking the carrot out of his fuck hole. The cowboy looked at me; it finally dawned on him, who ruled here. He finally knew, after all this, what position he was really in. I gotta remember this; it was a new one to me. My fist couldn’t break the stud, but a little cold carrot could!

I sat on his face, making sure my nuts rested on his nose, I had been clean before hitting the bar, but I was now a bit sweaty and funky for my little meet up with Gil. I knew my man musk was the only thing he was smelling.

“Now, first just touch your tongue to my ass hole, you wanna just pretend your eating a cunt, okay dude?” I instructed.

Gil’s answer was kind of a weird gagging sound, my ass was covering his mouth, and after all, he was about to give his first rim job. I had patience to show the straight stud. After, he ate my ass, I was gonna do his real good, and then fuck it as deep and hard as I could.

It’s all apart of the game; the score ends up in my favor every time! As you probably guessed, Gil wasn’t real into eating my ass. He half heartedly licked at it, and seemed to wanna gag when I made him tongue fuck me. But, what the hell? I got a straight dude licking my ass hole, I was enjoying it!

I made him rim for about 15 minutes, then I was in the mood to eat some cowboy ass! Eating straight ass is always a lot of fun. Most straight men don’t have a clue about how good something like that can be! Gil would definitely be one amazed cowboy!

There’s an art to eating straight dude’s out, cause they can get to feeling real fucked up, when they discover they like it. You gotta play on their egos; you gotta make them feel masculine and hetero so that they don’t fight the feelings.

I got down between the studs spread legs. I grabbed the strong hips and pulled him up, stuffing a pillow under them sweet butt cheeks. He was high enough now, so that I could get my face right up to his puckered sweetness.

It was time to play on the straight dude’s ego a little, “Jeez, Gil, your fucking nuts are so big, their in the way! You’d think after all the juice I sucked out of them; they would have got a little smaller!

As many nuts that I have drained dry, I never saw any as big as yours!” I said, like I was complaining. The cow stud did have some low hangers, nothing I had dealt with a hundred or so times. But, it’s all about making them feel comfortable, after all, I was gonna be fucking him soon.

I gently took the nut sack in my mouth, and let my tongue trail down it, lower, lower..... Gil’s body twisted as my mouth moved lower, closer to his ass ring. The ring where no man had been before, well, maybe a carrot......

I kissed it a few times, then slowly used the tip of my tongue to trace circles around Gil’s hole. Every muscle in the cow stud’s body was tensed as he felt my mouth’s magical touch. I flickered my tongue over the man hole, teasing it, wetting it.......

Gil moaned as my tongue defiled his virgin fuck ring. My mouth’s action was causing the stud ring to slowly dilate, I licked and tongue teased the ass ring..... It opened more and more for me. I could feel and smell the cowboy sweating as his body learned the tricks a tongue can do to a stud ass. The ring continued to react to the tongue teasing, and it was now open enough for a the cowboy to be taught a new lesson.

Gil let out an extremely loud moan as my tongue slipped inside his body. The dude had only had a carrot up there; he wasn’t used to this new sensation of feeling a hot, wet, tongue inside his body.

His straight ass was tight enough to cause a lot of friction. I worked saliva into the core of Gil’s ass, wetting him down good, teasing the hole, making the straight dude moan and tremble. I was doing a number on the stud’s mind and body. He begin to try and hump into my tongue, he seemed to have forgotten who was performing this first rim job on him.

That’s the point you take these pussy dicker’s too, before you fuck their lights out. You make em hot, wild, and crazy, then you turn the tables on em, and remind em..... After you make the stud crazy for a good tongue fucking, you stop.

I pulled my tongue and mouth away from the man hole. I raised my head up; Gil’s well sucked cock was hard again. Mine was rock hard from just eating this tight ass!

I rose up between his tied, spread, strong legs..... I pointed my big hard dick right at him. “This is going up your ass! I’m gonna fuck you! I’m gonna stretch your ass hole out with my fuck stick! And guess what, cowboy? Guess the fuck what? You’re gonna always remember this night, always! When you try and fuck a cunt again, you’re gonna remember that you got your cowboy cunt fucked! “

I continued, “Yeah, cowboy, when you go and try to fuck a bitch, you’ll remember being a bitch for me! You’ll remember how it felt to get fuck up your ass! You’ll remember my big cock plowing in and out, stretching you open...... yeah, cowboy, this will stay with you!”

I placed my dick head at his spit wet back door; I dropped a big wad of spit on my piece, watching it slowly trail down. Gil made the mistake of tensing his muscles, all of them, including his ass ring.

I felt where are two bodies touched; my dick head felt the fluttering of his ass hole. I was over him, an arm on either side of his strong chest. He was as handsome as perfect as ever, he reeked of masculinity.

“Get ready, straight boy, get ready to loose your cherry!” I said.

Gil tightened his ass up in an attempt to stop my invasion.

That’s exactly what I wanted him to do; I told you I like a little battle before sex. I reached down and changed the angle of my cock ever so slightly and pressed against the resisting little bud. Gil held the gut gate tightly close, his little straight hole struggling to stay virgin. I gathered all my strength and pressed harder!

The ass ring gave up, and tried to accept the thick head of my meat. Gil screamed in a mixture of pain and rage as my cock broke down his last defense. I was in! My whole prick head inside this hot, straight, fuck chute! It was warm, the fuck ring a wide, tight, flesh made band of dick massaging wonder!

I caught my breath and pushed a inch deeper, my balls twirled and climbed as my dick enjoyed this wonder hole! “Oh, fuck, pudding! Your cunt is good! You feel me in you? It hurts, huh, pudding? I’ll be fucking all that pain away, soon.” I moved forward another inch, watching the cowboy’s face contort.

“Tell me how it feels having a big cock in your ass, pudding, tell me!” I demanded.

My cowboy said through tight lips, “Fuck you!”

“Aw, pudding, that ain’t nice! Ain’t smart, either! Here I am with my fuck stick inside you, and you’re refusing to tell me what I’m gonna hear? Ain’t smart, pudding, why, I could just jab all the way up your right now, or I can do this!”

I supported my body with my left arm, and used my right to seek out his nut sack. I grasped the cowboy orb’s in my fist, and gave a little squeeze, “You ready to talk now pudding?” I asked.

“Fuck off!” The cowboy groaned.

I squeezed harder, Gil yelled, “Okay, okay! It fucking hurts! It feels like your splitting me open! It hurts!”

I released the nuts, “Aww, poor pudding, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You’ll get used to having a hard dick fucking you before I’m done. After I fuck a while, your ass hole will be wide open, and you may even start to like it!”

I wasn’t ready to hear the cowboy say ‘fuck you’ again, so I shoved another inch up his chute. He groaned and twisted as the wider part of my swollen shaft made his ring stretch some more.

“You feel real good, pudding! You got a sweet fuck hole! It’s so tight, so hot! I can feel the hair around it tickling my dick! You’re so tight; I have to keep stopping so I don’t nut in you too soon! Oh, did I tell you that part, pudding? That I’m gonna fill your ass up with my seed? You did realize that your ass chute will be a swimming pool for my nut juice, right?” I pressed in another inch, not really wanting an answer, the words were meant to remember, not to comment on.

Gil was coated in sweat, his eyes wide, his mouth a tight grimace. He tossed his head back and forth in an attempt to push away the hurt. I sunk in deeper, I, too, begin to sweat. It dripped from me, and splattered to mix with the cowboy’s sweat. It ran down my cock and pooled around where now half of my dick had disappeared inside the stud’s body.

I had enough of the fun and games for right now; I gave a hard thrust, plunging the rest of my dick inside the now screaming cow stud! I didn’t stop to enjoy the deepness of the fuck chute; I pulled back up, and began a power fuck.

All the way in, all the way out! I fucked hard, enjoying the sound and feel as our muscled bodies met in fuck lust! I used my cock as a tool, to open up the tight, straight ass!

I fucked for my pleasure, I fucked to nut! At this point, I had no interest in teaching Gil how much pleasure a cock could give his ass, I fucked to conquer! My dick made fuck snot to lubricate the widening ass chute, my rod rammed out with ease now, the friction reduced to a more bearable level.

“Oh, pudding, I’ve fucked you wide open! Aww, fuck, gonna nut...... nut deep in you, aww, Pudding! Feel my cum! Oh, you tight assed bitch!”

I yelled as I nutted. My cum jetted out in massive spurts, coating the cow studs very well fucked ass.

I collapsed on his chest, breathing hard, our faces inches apart. I looked into eyes that were saddened. I smiled, “Don’t look all sad, pudding, I just need a little rest, then I can fuck you some more!”

“No, get off me! Get the fuck off me!” Gil raged, tossing and turning, causing my cock to twinge where it was still buried inside him.

“Ah, that feels good pudding!” I grinned. Gil remained motionless after that. I could feel his heart beat where I rested on his chest. I licked the sweat off his neck as I let my nuts recharge.

My dick pulsed and thickened, ready for another go inside the cowboy. His eyes narrowed as he felt me boning back up, deep inside his guts. “Oh, pudding, did I tell you, most fags can fuck all night?

Well, the top ones, anyway. Now, this fuck is gonna be for you! I’m gonna show you how a hard dick up your ass can make you feel good!”

Gil said nothing as I adjusted my dicks angle, seeking out the fuck gland inside the cowboy’s ass. I used long strokes, slowly rubbing the sex nub in the man’s ass. His cock begin to firm, unable to resist this stimulation. Gil had his eyes tightly closed, probably fighting his stiffening dick.

I fucked him into hardness, and raised over him. “Look at your clittie, pudding! It’s done got hard! See, you like getting fucked, huh?”

Gil’s answer was a look of hate. I used my cock to jab and massage his fuck nub, over and over. His balls were drawing up, they would fire soon.

The cow stud screamed, “No! Fuck no!” as his privates reacted to the fucking and fired. I fought against the good feeling his spasming ass ring was laying around my cock, and continued the fuck.

The small trailer house bedroom reeked of man smells. 15 minutes later I was still slow fucking this stud, his nuts had slowly recharged, his dick back to erectness.

I fucked the cum out of him one more time before I let myself release inside him. I pulled out of the devirginized straight fuck chute. I wiped my dick off on his face, enjoying the feel of his stubble against my very sensitive dick. I examined his sweaty, cum sticky body. I planted a kiss on his lips.

“You are one of the best, pudding, one of the best! I’m about to go, I kind of just fuck em and leave em, you know? But, pudding, you’ll always remember this, you’ll remember getting the cum fucked out of you! I bet your sex life will never be the same!” I slightly loosened one of his wrist, so he could work himself free.

I dressed, not even bothering to shower, just enjoying the mixture of our scents. I left the trailer house, grinning from ear to ear. Yeah, I thought, that was a good fuck.
The End