The Cop and the Cowboy  
From: Jimmy Seay
The Cop and the Cowboy
  The young cowboy had recently discovered the joys a rest area can bring to a horny hard man. He learned how easy it was to get a hot wet mouth around his eager and hard fuck pole.

It had happened quite by accident; the young cowboy had to piss bad and had made a pit stop on the way home. His dick was semi hard just from the need to pee. He had hurried into the men's room and rapidly fished his cock free from his tight Wranglers. As it sometimes happens in public restrooms, so it happened this time.

Soon young Cole had an expert mouth giving him his very first blow job. The sucking wet mouth belonged to an older man, a married man, but a man that knew how to suck cock. After about five minutes of pulsing lips, slick tongue, and a wide open throat, Cole nutted! Not a drop of the sweet fresh cowboy cream was wasted; it was swallowed wad by wad. Cole zipped up after his now happy cock had been tongue bathed.

He didn't go back the next day or the day after that. The young heterosexual had a bit of a guilty conscious. But a hard horny young dick has no guilt, it has no conscious, and on the third day, Cole returned. There was a different man but the same outcome. The cowboy received another blow job, another wonderful cock sucker was eager to suck him dry and swallow each drop of his seed.

Cole found it easy to justify frequent trips to the rest area after that. After all, he wasn't doing anything queer. He didn't touch the cocksuckers, hell, he didn't even speak. Not even a thank you! Just a few moans and grunts. Cole was there for one reason and one reason only.

He learned he could be abusive; he could fuck his hard rod in and out of mouths and throats. He didn't care about them gagging. The faggots deserved to choke on his straight cock! He became a regular piece of young rough trade at the rest area. Horny cocksuckers watched for his beat up pick-up truck. They wanted to suck the rough young cowboy's hard 7 inches. They wanted that hot young load!

Young Cole had become very much a rest area regular. Sometimes he hit the place two or three times a day. He learned who the good cocksuckers were but he'd let about any mouth wrap around his tool!

But it wasn't just the local cocksuckers that watched for Cole or his pick-up. Someone else watched. Someone else had noticed the young cowboy's frequent stops at the rest area. His name was Rick Bolin. Locally, he was better known as Officer Bolin as he worked for the highway patrol.

Rick Bolin was a big man. He stood 6 foot 4. He weighed in about 230, but it wasn't fat. Rick was addicted to the gym. He was a big man with big bulging muscles. His muscles weren't the only part of his body that made his uniform bulge.

Rick thought of his cock as his own personal 'long arm of the law'. It was a big slab of man meat, when fully hard it measured in at a true 10 inches. His cock was thick, as big around as a soda can. He had been left complete, and had a long foreskin that expanded over his dick head and dangled about an inch. Oh, and he had the balls to back up that big prick! He had big nuts, some call them bull nuts because they were so big. Heavy sperm makers that rested in a big sack that Rick liked to keep shaved.

Officer Bolin was a big masculine man in his late 30's. At a few points in his life, he too had visited public restrooms. He knew what the young cowboy was doing. He didn't find fault for the young stud for getting his cock sucked. He didn't find fault for the ones that were sucking it.

He was watching Cole for a totally different reason, a reason that made the big bulge in his fly even more prominent. Rick Bolin liked cowboys and he liked tight Wranglers. Even so, he normally wouldn't have bothered with any form of surveillance on this rest area. There was just something about this young curly haired cowboy that made Rick's dick hard! It may have been the slow swaggering walk, it may have been the way the back of those Wrangler's were filled out. Rick didn't really know why his cock was hard and leaking. He did know that a good rough man sex session would cure it.

And Officer Rick Bolin was ready for a hot fuck! He pulled his cruiser into the rest area entrance ramp and parked it right next to Cole's pick-up. Only Cole's pick-up and one other car were there. None of the locals would stop with a cop car parked and it was doubtful that a traveler would stop this time of day.

The big cop got out of the car and headed into the men's room. He heard loud grunts and rightly guessed the young cowboy was about to cum. Rick took his hand cuffs off his belt as he entered unnoticed. He stood in the doorway for a few seconds. As he heard the short gasps of a sexual orgasm, he kicked in the stall door.

For a moment, the cop just stared at the sight before him. The young cowboy was standing with his pants around his knees, the cocksucker also had his pants down and was sitting on the toilet beating off while he sucked dick. The cop grabbed Cole's hands and as he snapped the cuffs on Cole he ordered the cocksucker "Get out while you can!"

For the first time in his many trips to the rest area, Cole was speaking. He was making feeble excuses for the scene he had been caught in. Officer Bolin wasn't really listening; he was busy undoing his belt.

Cole shook his head as he realized the cop was about to pull his dick out. "Uh, I ain't a fag Officer, I uh, I, that guy just begged to suck my dick."

Rick Bolin snickered, "Then I ain't gay either. I'm just gonna fuck you up your cute little ass. After I do that, I'll forget all about you having sex in a public restroom with another man. I won't have to arrest you and take you to jail. I won't have to write that nasty report about catching you."

For the first time in his life, the young cowboy was scared, really frightened. "Please, sir, Officer. I'm really not gay! I'm not! It was just, uh, sex. I didn't do anything, he sucked my dick. That was all. My dick was hard and he wanted to suck it, sir. I'm not a faggot Officer, my dick was hard, and that was all."

Rick Bolin let out a laugh, a loud laugh, "I ain't gay either. But my dick's real hard. Now I guess I have to shove it up your ass. Since you ain't gay, I bet that hot butt of yours is gonna be real tight."

The cuffed cowboy watched in shock as the cop pulled a huge thick dick out of his fly. He begged and pleaded as he watched what was big semi hard grow even larger as the cop massaged it. The young Cole begged even more as he watched the cop cover the huge tube with a Magnum condom.

Cole started begging, "You can't do this! Please sir! I swear I'm straight!"

The cop ignored him and bent down pulling the tight Wranglers down to the young cowboy's boots. With just the strength of one hand, the cop bent the cowboy over the toilet.

Rick pried the butt cakes open and spit several times. He had to hold the ass cheeks apart just to get his thick cock inside that hot little crack. The cop didn't have to think, his dick felt the hot tiny ring. He poked into it, it didn't wanna let him in, but that's what all his strong muscles were for!

Cole's pain was so high up on the scale it took a few seconds before he could scream as the thick cop cock penetrated! Pain overcame him but then he was able to vocalize it! His scream wasn't like the masculine grunts he made when he got his cock sucked! It was a high pitched scream of awesome pain! The screams grew weaker as the pain got worse! More and more of the cop's dick was going deeper inside, stretching, forcing the cowboy's body to change its internal shape!

The same rough way Cole had fucked men's mouths, his ass was receiving 10 fold! Rick fucked cowboy butt for pleasure, his own! The cop fucked rough and hard, he ignored or maybe didn't hear Cole's sobs. 10 minutes went by and the cop was really enjoying the fuck now that he had opened up the tight asshole. Another 10 minutes and the cop could feel his heavy large nuts trying to rise on their thick cum cords!

It took maybe five hundred more strokes of the huge cop cock up the cowboy ass before the cop started firing! Officer Bolin grunted and groaned as his nuts overfilled the large sized condom with cop seed.

With almost a sigh, the cop pulled out, tore off the well filled condom and tossed it in the toilet. He pulled up his uniform pants and fastened his belt. He uncuffed the young still sobbing cowboy.

Officer Bolin's voice was a low grunt as he said, "I ain't gonna run you in. It's not like your gay. You just got a big asshole, that's all." The big cop laughed as he walked away.

Needless to say, the young cowboy stopped visiting the rest area. But his walk had a bit more of a swagger now.
The End