Trippin' with a Convict - Part 2  
From: Gruntraq
Trippin' with a Convict -Part 1
  As described in the first episode, Steve was a 29 year old ex-con I met in Texas when I was 19 in tech school. He was a huge guy, about 6'-2'. He had large muscular build and covered with prison art tattoos. He had a dirty brown crew cut and a bushy un-trimmed mustache. He was rough white trash, I was kinda scared of him too but that made him pretty hot to me. Our first time was the interlude of a dark, drug fueled trip but the following forays I would not blame on being screwed up.

A week had gone by since the dug out experience, and we had not really crossed paths. It was Friday after school and everyone was arriving at the dorm complex. The familiar ritual of hoots and hollers, cases of beer being carried in, and the sound of "quarters" beer games being played got going in earnest. Friday afternoons were electric at the complex. It was the beginning of the weekend where everyone let loose and partied for death.

The complex was a sprawling collection of motel style two-story buildings comprised of studio apartments. Two of us were assigned to each unit which was a single with a bathroom and kitchen stuck in the corner. The rooms were all the same with two beds, a collection of cheap furniture including a couch, coffee table, a dinette, and a 19" color TV bolted to a steel post. The place mostly housed us tech school students, but also other seedy types that came for the low weekly rental rates. It was a wild mix of just-out-of-high school redneck guys who didn't make it into real college, ex-cons and drug dealers. Ah the good old days.

I had just shut the door behind me, tossed my keys to the table and was headed to the fridge to get a beer when a loud knock rapped at the door. My room-mate had the evening school classes and had left already. It wasn't unusual to get a crowd over right after school as I was the guy who could usually score beer because I looked older than 21.

When I opened the door Steve was standing there in his wife beater complete with a toothpick in his mouth. His muscular tatted arms and tight 501 jeans clenching his bulging basket made me freeze momentarily while he pushed himself by me as if it were his place. "Hey sweetness, what are you doing right now?" he asked in an assuming tone while rubbing his flat stomach and raising up the bottom of his shirt.

Watching him tab his fingers at his stomach, I replied "Nothing yet. I was thinking about getting a beer and kicking back for a few. You want one?" He was looking at me like a hungry dog. I knew where this was headed. I grabbed us each a couple beers and set them all down on the coffee table. He then offered, "I'm going to score some weed, are you gonna want some?"

I immediately replied, "Yeah, I' take a bag." We hadn't talked since he fucked my head off a week prior and feeling a need to address our hook-up I started to say, "Look Steve, about last week", He began pulling off his shirt and unbuttoning his 501's and looking at me with an unmistakable tint of sexual confidence. "..Um I had a good time. I just wanted you to know you don't need to worry about anyone hearing about it", I continued. He looked at me with a slight threatening nod, "I'm not worried about it, and I know where to find ya".

He then grabbed my shoulders with both his bounding arms and walked me over to the couch and pushed me down onto it. He then pulled his open fly apart and away allowing his hardening tool to swing out before my face. I heard his breathing deepen as he ordered, "No need to talk about it. Just show me how you can suck my cock. It’s been aching for you all week". At first I hesitated while he jacked himself and swung his meat back and forth in my face. "Come on; don't tell me you don't want to suck me off now. You aren't gonna say no now, I already punked you!” Getting impatient, he deftly grasped the back of my skull with the palm his free hand and pulled my face into his smelly sweaty cock nest. "Suck it!"

Forcefully and bluntly stabbing shoving his package at my mouth, I submitted and took his pasty stinky piss rod into my warm wet mouth. He obviously hadn't showered today because DAMN, he was raunchy. As I engaged and get into it, he immediately let out a deep gut driven groan, "Uuuhhhhh yeah that's it. Make me feel good, suck it up bro". I wanted it though, no doubt. I went to work on his tatted cock, slithering my tongue up and down the shaft, around and over his head, running the rough part of my tongue over his piss slit. His rough mechanic's hands tightly grasped the round of my scalp and he guided me back and forth as he thrusted his groin into my face. In each deep thrust his balls rubbed my chin, my nose buried deep in the thick brown sweaty hair of his crotch. His deep odor of sweat and piss was almost overtaking.

He was getting more and more excited, moving faster. "You make me feel so good, ohhh, ahhh yeah that it bro" he was muttering. I had worked my hands around his buttocks and was pulling him tight as I sucked and slurped, for what seemed like an eternity. His cock was emitting sticky sweet juices that I could not get enough of. Getting hotter, sweat began rolling down his lightly haired stomach and on my face.

Finally without warning he began fast fucking my mouth, groaning and grasping my skull tightly. "Uhh, yeah! Fuck!” he grunted out. A few three or four deep slaps and an explosion of warm jizz flooded my mouth. I could not contain it all and it was running out all over my lips and down my chin. By now his face fucking had pushed me back into the couch and he was almost on top of me pumping my face full of warm sticky cum. He finally got off me and stood back up before the couch as I followed, licking up his last streams of ex-con spunk. Now softly rubbing his hands through my hair his breathing slowed. "Oh man that was so good, that's what I needed".

Just as I was getting ready to pull out my cock and get into it more he buttoned up his jeans and said, "Well I gotta go get the weed. I’ll drop by later." With that he ran his hands through my hair and then left.

I grabbed my beer and took a few drinks to wash Steve down.
The End