Trippin' with a Convict - Part 1

From: Gruntraq

Trippin' with a Convict - Part 1

Steve was a 29 year old ex-con I met in Texas when I was 19, going to Tech school. He was about 6'2’' and very butch. He had large muscular build from working out in prison; his upper torso was mostly covered with tattoos of serpents, skulls, barbed wire and the like. His crew cut hair was dirty brown and he had a mustache like a cop. He was white trash and just looked like a convict, but that rough quality made him pretty hot to me.

He had been convicted of a god knows what. I never asked. He was out on parole in a program that got you out early if you went to school and stayed there crime-free. I knew him from parties at the dorm complex our school ran. He wasn't the type of crowd I normally ran with. But he sold weed making our friendship a necessity. He was a craw ass though. One of the most vivid images I have of him was answering the door at one of their parties and spitting hi-proof alcohol and lighting it up, spitting flames at the guy who knocked on the door. Crazy shit. Hanging with him was flirting with the devil, but it was a turn on and he seemed to like me - I always felt safe with him. I had heard him kidding about prison sex a few times and even watched him pretend to rape his roommate James as a joke. He would grab James and throw him on the couch, saying, "Give that tight pussy of yours". He would pretend hump him while James just laughed. The group of us would laugh; I would stir inside my pants.

One Friday night I was trying to score a joint and went to see him. The dorm complex was pretty dead; everyone seemed to be somewhere else. In the hot Texas summer, the windows were open and he answered the door wearing just and old pair of jeans. He had been drinking beer and sweating, his tatted upper half reflecting the light of the front porch. His dirty bare feet could be smelled before I saw them. He was out of weed to sell, but said he would toke his last joint with me. We hung out there getting high watching the TV for a while, but the buzz wore off and we got bored. He told me he had a few hits of LSD and asked if I wanted to trip some acid with him. "You gotta commit to it bro, it'll keep us going all night. I went for it thinking it would be an uncharted adventure to trip with this dude.

We did the LSD and spent the better part of the next 8 hours spelunking around the dorm complex and the immediate neighborhood. Both our roommates worked the night shift and got home in the early hours so we could not hang out at either of our places and keep them awake with out acid-head banter.

After an uneventful trip, Steve directed us to a baseball dugout across the street from the dorms and thought that’d be a cool place to hang out and come down. We talked about everything on the face of the earth in explicit detail that happens with acid. It was very cold out so we leaned up close to each other to keep warm and share the experience of coming down together. He was very quiet and down to earth for a change, unlike the usual tough as nails "bad-ass" he usually presented himself as. I wondered what this guy thought of this rich kid's stories of growing up in Disneyland with all his little "issues", when he was a rough hewn street bred con. To my surprise he was always respectful and genuinely brotherly toward me.

I finally got up the nerve and asked him if he ever got raped in prison. "Me get raped? Hell I was the one that fucked the shit out those bitches, I never got raped", he bragged. "Did you like it?" I asked. "Fuck, man when you're in the joint, you take what you can get, and take it like a man. It's just fuckin' - don't mean your queer", he said, "Why you asking?" he looked at me with a new tone of excited seriousness. "Do you want to get fucked up the ass or something?"

I didn't answer. I didn't have to. When you are tripping acid, you sort of have this sixth sense about things. He stood up and unbuttoned his fly, letting out his cock. It was hairy and long with a tattoo of a black snake, coiling around his huge balls and spiraling all the way up his thick shaft with its eyes and fangs on either lobe at head with its open mouth at his piss hole. This was a trip, but a twisted sort of turn on. He grabbed at it and pumped it a few times, getting it to stand up some more. The odor of him and his cock was strong and rank. "What do ya say?” he gestured. Without any words I dropped to my knees with my back against the dugout wall and took his fat snake into my mouth. He was sweaty and hard, and tasted sourly bitter.

He grabbed his hands on the chain link fence above by head and started fucking my face hard, banging my head against the concrete wall. I was trying hard to keep up as he seemed to be racing. "Take my cock bitch!" he repeated, "take it down bitch". He was streaming juices into my throat almost the whole time. I was foaming at the mouth and jacking off. It felt like he was going to smash my head thought the wall with his violent slamming thrusts. I could not get enough of his snake, sucking and slurping. He finally stopped and ordered me to lay on the bench. Grabbing and pushing me face down on the wood; he pulled my pants down to my knees with one hand, while he stoked his cock with the other. He got down on me and started forcing his cock into my ass. He was pretty rough, and proceeded with no romance or lubrication other than a palm full of spit.

He placed both hands on my back shoulder blades and began fucking me deep and rough. It didn't hurt as much as it should have because LSD has a numbing effect physically, but I could feel wood splinters poking into my chest and stomach as his thrusts scooted me across the bench. The smell of shit wafted into the air. He was slapping my ass with his thighs violently, grunting "take it bitch, take it like a man". I was moaning in deep soulful pleasure and pain, huffing and trying to catch my breath at moments. He pulled out for a second wetting his pasty cock with spit, and starting in again. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back as he started pumping with a spiritual vengeance, ever harder than before. All the force of his cock's pounding with was transferring back through my scalp and neck. This was the roughest I had ever been reamed and I was loving every second of it. I was getting bitch-fucked in prison for all intents, grunting in with every nasty thrust, "yeah bitch, you like that big fat cock up your ass, you fuckin' bitch, fucking little faggot". He yanked back on my hair one last time delivering his load into my beaten hairy hole. The warm juice squirting into me felt heavenly and soothing, loosening him up and relieving the friction.

He then laid down on my back continuing to slide his still hard snake in and out, now much more lovingly. He was cuddling like a lover, kissing and tonguing my neck. Acid gives you stamina, and he remained hard for a good ten minutes, pumping my asshole with love letting out repetitive small bursts of warm juices. When he was done we just laid there for a while sweating as one, and finally got dressed as the sun was coming up.

We left the dugout went home.

The End